Paper Doll Militia Aerial Retreats

Crete, Greece

How can you spot an aerialist? The size of our lats, our activewear, and our idea of a “relaxing vacation.

Join our Paper Doll aerial family of high-octane aerialists who don’t like to sit still either. Travel to Greece for a week of aerial escapades, creative play, epic adventure, and healthy food galore… all in the serene and gorgeous surroundings of Chania, Crete. Train with Paper Doll Militia’s Sarah Bebe Holmes and Rain Anya, who will be offering daily workshops in aerial skills, technique, choreography, and their unique creative approach, with additional classes in handstands and flexibility. This retreat is open to all levels, so all are welcome! Our meals feature a fusion of traditional Cretan cuisine and contemporary fare, all prepared by a local chef. The excursions are epic and not to be missed. Fill yourself up with swimming, sunning, snorkeling, hiking, and experiencing all the beauty that Crete has to offer. Rejuvenate your soul with the sea and the sun while meeting like minded aerialists from around the world.

May 7-14, 2019
Trapeze, Lyra, Silks, Rope, Handstands, Vertical Theatre Method (Creative Approach to aerial arts)
May 17-24, 2019
Silks, Rope, Sling, Handstands, Vertical Theatre Method (Creative Approach to aerial arts)

Aerial Level

We welcome people of all levels who have some experience with aerial arts. All of our aerial classes have two instructors so that we can work with people at their level.

Please do not sign up for this retreat if you have never taken aerial classes before. If you are unsure of your level please contact us and we can discuss where you are at.

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