Full 50 hour remote course in Silks, Rope, Trapeze & Lyra

Level 1
Designed and crafted by Paper Doll Militia’s founders Sarah Bebe Holmes and Rain Anya, our level 1 course draws on over 18 years of aerial instruction experience in the field. Foundational information is shared via lectures, group discussion, and physical practice about the very relevant issues addressed – skills, spotting techniques, safety, rigging, anatomy, injury prevention, creativity, progression, technique and teaching tips.

Minimum height required:
Level 1 Silks – 10 ft / 3 meters
Level 1 Rope – 15ft / 4.5 
Level 1 Trapeze – Variable* 
Level 1 Lyra – 12ft / 3.5 meters

* Minimum height for Level 1 Trapeze will depend on the length of your ropes. We have a method we use for shortening trapeze ropes, using a prusik knot. In this case the minimum height would be 12ft / 3.5 meters. This is safe for any trapeze without a steel or amstel core. If you have a trapeze with a core, and need to shorten your ropes for this program, please reach out to the manufacturer.

Level 2
Paper Doll Militia’s Level 2 trainings build on the skills and concepts from our Level 1. Additionally, in this training you will delve deeper into the wonderful world of theory, and how to begin to incorporate more sequencing into your classes. We step it up a notch when it comes to more complex teaching techniques, and you will have the opportunity to try our mock instruction exercises in order to refine your craft even further.

Minimum height required:
Level 2 Silks, Trapeze & Lyra – 13 ft / 4 meters

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