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aerial arts teacher training


Have you had visions of the faeries in Midsummer Nights Dream flying through the air? Or dreamed of a production of Rapunzel where the Prince climbs up actual ropes of hair? Paper Doll Militia Consulting will guide your production to new heights.

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Need a single moment of magical suspension by taking an actor or an object to flight? Or does your vision include whirling, swirling, death-defying aerial feats?Whatever your concept, we will make it a reality.


Aerialists make the ultimate go-go dancers. What more can we say?


With the extensive amount of production and planning required to make a feature film, allow us to head your production’s aerial arts training department. As leaders in our industry, we can connect your production to the resources and information you need to successfully integrate aerial arts training into your film.

aerial arts teacher training
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Introducing “The Quadruple Threat.” Schools are acknowledging the value of including aerial arts as part of their curriculum. Aerial arts provides students with cutting edge skills for their entrance into the performing arts industry, making them truly interdisciplinary and ready for any opportunity. We offer master classes, guest instructor residencies, and show integration services for Performing Arts Schools.

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Is your company interested in developing a new skill set and expanding its repertoire?

We can nurture the growth of your company’s work with aerial master classes, intensive residencies, and specific show integration. Or if your company is interested in the continued use of aerial arts we can provide the ongoing guidance necessary to incorporate aerial arts for the future.