Aerial Arts Teacher Workshop | Paper Doll Theater Consulting


Paper Doll Militia consultants work alongside directors, choreographers, and casting directors to assist in the
selection of aerial performers for your production. We have a wide network of professional aerial performers across the US and Europe to draw from. If your casting needs require selecting non-aerialists, we have the expertise to discern the best candidate(s) for safe integration of aerial arts.

Casting services for: Theatre, Film, Music Videos, Commercials, Print, Concert Tours, Events, and more.


“Equal parts strength, artistry, creativity, and technical development.”

Paper Doll Militia instructors facilitate their student’s aerial athleticism and artistry by creating a learning
environment that is both positive and challenging. We excel at using both verbal and visual cues, describing and demonstrating so students remain safe through gaining knowledge and trust. We offer carefully crafted
progressions designed to build a solid foundation of technique, skill, and mastery.


Paper Doll Militia consultants will develop original and innovative choreography for your project. We pride
ourselves on being multi-apparatus choreographers, and can customize performances on traditional aerial
equipment as well as invented apparatus.

Choreography for solos, duos, and ensembles: trapeze, silks, corde lisse (rope), chain, hammock, dance trapeze (spinning), lyra (hoop), and invented apparatus.


Paper Doll Militia consulting specializes in high quality and safe integration of aerial skills for stage and screen.
Prioritizing the vision of the director, we work closely with the creative team to design an aerial element that
integrates seamlessly within the production. We offer personalized coaching for the performers emphasizing safety, technique, and injury prevention.

Aerial Integration includes:

  • Initial creative meeting
  • Conceptual planning
  • Design elements
  • Sourcing and budgeting
  • Creative direction

Aerial integration with: trapeze, silks, corde lisse (rope), chain, hammock, dance trapeze (spinning), lyra (hoop), and invented apparatus.


Paper Doll Militia offers aerial training, conditioning, and flexibility for aerialists and non-aerialists alike. Utilizing the full-body workout of aerial arts teacher workshop, our one-on-one sessions make reaching your fitness goals fun and inspirational.


Paper Doll Militia has built relationships with schools all over the world. Our consultants in aerial arts teacher workshop specialize in curriculum development and infrastructure for existing aerial schools. We also guide new schools through the process of
creating an individualized business structure and vision.

New Aerial School Consultation includes:

  • Venue consultation
  • Choosing a qualified local rigger
  • Sourcing and budgeting aerial and safety equipment
  • Advising on insurance
  • Curriculum development and design
  • Teacher training courses