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Silks and Sling Workshops with Rain Anya

Saturday, November 9th
@ AWOL Dance Collective

Sling Shot

10am – 12pm
In this intermediate workshop we will focus on three major components of mastering the art of slinging…momentum work, creative transitions, and of course, spinning. Come get some new inspiration on what this limitless apparatus as to offer. Leave with new sequences, drills, and fresh ideas on how to take your sling work to the next level.
Prerequisites: Ability to do multiple air straddle inverts, clean pull overs without tag/spot, at least 10 second short arm and long arm hangs, solid forward dive on sling. Ages 15+
Cost: $70 or $130 if also registering for Split Tissu Crusade.

Split Tissue Crusade

12:30 – 2:30pm
In this workshop we will be exploring the exciting world of split tissus. All climbs, wraps drops, and sequences presented in this class will come from split tissu, but this is not your run of the mill “double crochet” material. This class is fast paced and will cover a broad range of material. Bring something to document material with.
Prerequisites: All participants should understand basic double crochet material and have a solid double knee climb. A solid understanding of intermediate skills including same side wrap (catchers) and opposite side wraps (cross catchers), hip key, s-wrap, and various foot locks. Endurance to stay in the air for up to 5 min at a time. Ability to invert (without cheating) multiple times throughout the duration of the workshop. Ages 15+
Cost: $70 or $130 if also registering for Sling Shot.