About Our Teacher Training Program

Courses in Silks, Rope, Trapeze & Lyra

The Paper Doll Militia Remote Teacher Training is packed full of essential information, proven progressions, and a full technical breakdown of each skill and the art of teaching.

This is a comprehensive online course designed for both emerging and existing instructors to deepen their understanding of aerial arts, and help them to develop their own unique voice as an instructor.

Paper Doll Militia are leaders in the industry, with over 15 years of teaching experience in studios all over the world. Their breadth of knowledge and quintessential creative approach have hugely shaped this in-depth and well rounded program.

Our Remote Teacher Training allows for a broad range of accessibility for students in locations all around the world. Participate from your local studio or on your approved home rigging. Our mixed learning format incorporates independent study, group instruction & personalized feedback.

All of your videos and course materials are presented in a user friendly format, using the platform Thinkific. You will receive lifetime access to over 200 recorded reference videos and other course materials.

The Paper Doll Militia Teacher Training Includes:

  • Technique breakdown and progressions for each skill
  • Functional Anatomy & Injury Prevention
  • Class Management strategies
  • Rigging & Safety seminar
  • Spotting Techniques
  • Tools for a safe and unique teaching style
  • An effective and fun approach to warm ups
  • Vertical Theatre Method -our approach to theatrical aerials

So what is the Paper Doll Militia approach?

To sum it up…

Safety + technique + creativity = best aerial class ever

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Recognized by American Circus Educators (ACE)

Paper Doll Militia are recognized by American Circus Educators Association and is part of the Circus Arts Safety Network! ACE recognized that our Teacher Training program is committed to facilitating a safe environment and curriculum.

“To establish specific guidelines that will help promote, encourage and foster better safety and risk management practices as related to circus arts by creating a system that recognizes circus spaces that demonstrate a continued commitment to better safety practices a based on ACE’s guidelines.”

Completing Paper Doll Militia’s Teacher Training Program and our Certification Program does not guarantee you a job teaching aerial. However, it can show to potential employers that you are committed to quality and integrity within the craft which can help make you a competitive candidate for a teaching position you apply to.

Recognized by American Circus Educators (ACE)

ACE Seal