Pricing for Full Trainings (50 hour)

Early Bird Price $820/ €720 / £650         

Full Price $870 / €770 /  £690

Pricing for Rope “Fast Track” training (10 hour) 

Price $275 / €240 /  £215

Early Bird Pricing

Early Bird Price Window is the first 7 days  of registration for any training.

Your application will only be eligible for early bird price if the registration form is complete. Once we have reviewed your application we may have some questions about your rigging, or ask you to re-film part or all of your video. In this case, you will have one week from our information request to resubmit any further materials in order to guarantee your early bird price.

Payment Methods

We accept a range of various payment methods including, bank transfer, checks, and transferwise. We can accommodate most major currencies from around the world.

After your registration has been approved, you will then receive an email with the payment information.  Payment options specific to your currency will be provided. Full payment is due in order to secure your spot.

Payment plans available upon request

Additional costs

Please remember to budget for the purchase of required reading

Required reading for all levels, all apparatus:

The Aerial Teacher’s Handbook
Applied Anatomy for Aerial Arts

Additionally, we have found that having access to a speaker and/ or headset (wireless is ideal) will increase the quality and ease of taking the online course. These are optional, but highly recommended. It’s also a bonus to have some at home props such as yoga mat, strap, blocks, resistance bands, etc… Many of these things can be substituted by low cost alternatives such as books, tights, scarves, etc…If you have any questions about the additional costs associated with this program, please contact us at

Cancellation Policy

50% refund up to 60 days before the training.
25% refund up to 30 days before the training.
The non-refundable portion can be used toward any approved teacher training or aerial arts retreat in the future.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to hold our training we must meet our minimum of participants. Please wait to arrange your studio rental until you have received an email stating that the training has been confirmed.

Cross Discipline Discount

You are eligible for a 10% on your Level 1 Training if you have taken a Level 1 Training with Paper Doll Militia in a different apparatus. Please note: This discount does not apply for Level 1 Rope Fast Track as it is already a condensed course.

Affiliate Discounts

Paper Doll Militia works with several industry partners to offer alumni discounts on other high quality educational resources in circus arts. 

The Circus Doc – Complete Aerial Anatomy- Emily Scherb’s online anatomy course
Born to Fly Curriculum – Extensive video library
Circus Arts Institute Circus Arts Therapy® Training and Recreational Adaptive Teacher Training
The Audacity Project 8-week professional development mentorship program