Sand By the Ton

Paper Doll Militia performed a site specific piece with Epiphany, a 30 ft. metal sculpture originally part of the Crude Awakening instillation at Burning Man in 2007. This astounding goddess woman is kneeling with hands out stretched and chains for hair. We started the piece on top of Epiphany’s thighs, and slowly made our way to the dangling aerial chain that hung in front of her. We performed 3 times throughout the evening, across from the suspended steam boat in the V.I.P section of this massive event. The party was epic, with tons of imported sand, swimming pools, a carnival midway, live bands, art instillations, and electronic music rooms, and something like 10,000 people, we were thrilled to be a part of this amazing event thrown by Big Art Studios.

The Athletic Playground

Performing in a fabulous line up for The Athletic Playground’s 1 year Anniversary Celebration. The performances helped to raise money to begin the process of transforming The Athletic Playground into a professional performance venue.


@ Oakland Metro Opera House
Hosted by VISANTOS

The Paper Dolls presented “Their Secret Steps” on aerial ladder.

Featuring special guest The Living Jarboe (ex-Swans), plus performances by Jennifer Sullivan, Nezzy Idy, David Apocalypse, Apotheosis, L’Anonyme Dance Collective, Red Lotus Belly Dance, Aixela, Rose Harden, Cynthia, Keri Langwell, Tanja Odzak, Erin Harper, Meliza Wells, Onkel Woland, Reverend Mother Joseph, Dirty Secrets the Clown, Dusty Paik, Paper Doll Militia, Oopsy Daisy and Andrea Costantino, and DJs Miz Margo, DJ Rick, Ian Seabock and The Antithisus

Treasure Island Music Festival

Sarah Bebe Holmes performed a site specific work on a Sculpture by Rosanna Scimeca

Kinetic Arts Grand Opening

There’s a new circus in town! The Kinetic Arts Center in Jack London Square, Oakland.

Paper Doll Militia presented “Their Secret Steps” and performed along side Slater Penney, Christine Germaine, Marina Karadijieva, James Montiont, circus Spire Youth Troupe, Murry, a Mused Collective and Others.