What people are saying about our teacher training

If your thinking about doing this course, just do it. You won’t regret it. I have been teaching for 3+ years and thought I’d try it out for some new tips and have come away with a whole new approach to teaching. 5 stars course and great teachers to work with.

Brendan Greville, England, UK

If I had known how incredibly helpful to my teaching practice this would be, I would have done it months ago. To go through that level of technique helped my own practice and has already made a massive difference to my students.

Rebecca Solomon, England UK

I found out about Paper Doll Militia  from  the Aerial ABC’s videos on YouTube.  The level one teacher training elaborated on these fundamental principles  and taught us how to teach them.  Rain and Sarah are skilled teachers  and share their passion for the art freely.  I will definitely continue to take their trainings and workshops in the future.

Ann Austin, California, USA

Amazing course! Not only learned how to instruct.. Learned so much about myself, my own training and habits. Realized I could do more than I knew

and to have more confidence in my own abilities.

Susan Lowery, Washington D.C., USA

Rain, Sarah and Lena were a wonderful team.  They showed enthusiasm and  professionalism in every step of their training.  I learned a foundation to build my own aerial teaching practice in a solid and constructive manner.  I learned so many useful teaching tools, that make my life easier as an instructor, challenge me to grow professionally, and help my students progress with good technique.  Students notice a difference in my teaching already and I have been receiving lots of positive feedback.  I feel more confident in my knowledge base, knowing that it aligns with best practices.

Joanie Garcia, California USA

I highly recommend Paper Doll Militia’s Level 1 Aerial Teacher Training Program to teachers of any level.  Whether you are just getting started or have been teaching for years I think there is a lot to be gained here.  Rain and Sarah have such a broad background from 10 years of traveling and teaching internationally.  The attention to safety as well as technique in this course was excellent.  Additionally the two are very active and educated on current trends not only in aerial arts but also in health and wellness which is important to convey to our students for longevity in this art.

Constance Echo Palmer, Atlanta, GA

This teacher training workshop provides excellent fundamental training both in terms of aerial skills coaching and classroom management technique for adult classrooms. These basic teaching tools should be standardized throughout aerial schools worldwide.

Abigail Baird, California USA

The course was extremely well thought out. Sarah and Rain were so well in tune with each other that every session went by smoothly and efficiently. They were so welcoming and approached every topic with great enthusiasm so I was always eager to listen and ready to participate. I am so grateful to have been a part of the course, and I feel 200% more confident as an instructor.

Stephen Armour, Scotland, UK

This program is exciting, fun, and engaging. It opened my eyes to new invigorating methods as a teacher and circus artist.

Chloe Stevenson, Michigan, USA

Rain and Jessica are both inspiration aerialists and I loved being able to learn from them in such a creative and welcoming environment. In the 5 days of training, I felt ten times more confident than when I started. I can’t wait to take Level 2!

Taylor Reeve, Wisconsin, USA

If your aim is to become a complete and well rounded aerial teacher, this is the course for you! Sarah presents all of the course material in a clear, engaging and thoroughly entertaining manner. The course covers both practical aerial work and theory, with discussions, demonstrations and practice. No matter what stage you’re at in your teaching practice, there are skills to be learned or honed on this course. And it’s ridiculous amounts of fun to boot!

Sharon Hughes, UK

I’m really happy my aerial friends and I are now competent with valuable techniques. We are inspired to work on our aerial rudiments and grateful we can share aerial silks with the upmost safety in mind. It feels SO good to know how to teach aerial with structured confidence. Thank you, Paper Doll Militia, what a gift and honor you have bestowed upon us.

Sharon Hammond, California, USA

Thank you Rain and Paper Doll Militia! The training was extremely well organized and created a fun learning environment with the perfect mix of teaching and technique. I cannot wait to do another!!

Christal Washer, Ottawa, Ontario

I discovered my personal weaknesses and had time to work on them in order to make myself better! I feel like I gained more experience as I shared info with others and had time to go back to basics and clear my lines as well! The program was absolutely amazing!

Elsie Liontou, Scotland, UK

The Paper Doll Militia Teacher training was amazing. Sarah and Rain have a solid understanding of the skills needed to develop beginning aerial students.   There communication with each other and the students was highly respectful and professional.

Sarah Steger, Michigan, USA

This program helped me reassess how I learn and understand aerial, and it helped me build up confidence in myself and my practice. As a newcomer to the teaching side of aerial the content in the program was of great value to me. This was further complimented by working with the other students who had previous experience in teaching. I was able to learn from their experiences, and it was a safe environment in which to do this. The teaching was amazing, imparting years of knowledge and skills to us, but allowing us room to find our own way through. Thank you so much!

Luci Wallace, Scotland, UK

This program gives great information on all the big topics for level 1 teachers to better understand and help their students on their aerial journeys. I was happy to bring home lots of super helpful tips and techniques that I know my students (and myself) will really benefit from. The discussions with other teachers and insight from Rain and Sarah gave us all the chance the chat about how we can better manage our studios and our programs. Really looking forward to the next level teacher training!

Cheryl Willard, Michigan, USA

Teacher Training with Paper Doll Militia is an invaluable experience. The information shared at these trainings gives everyone involved a deeper level of understanding on how to be a good teacher, not just the ability to successfully do and model skills. Being an exceptional teacher is very complex, and this training hits all components of becoming a very well-rounded aerial instructor. Both Rain and Sarah are always open to everyone’s ideas and show respect to the skill/experience level of the participants of the trainings. I can’t wait for Level 3!

Jessica Johnson, Kentucky, USA

The opportunity to meet such an amazing bunch of open hearted and talented people at the same time being taught by such talented and giving artists left my heart full, my body tired and my desire to know more pushing me forward.  I felt that what I received from this training was so much more than I ever expected!

Suzanne Zigler, Atlanta, GA

I am so thrilled to have taken this teacher training. I’ve done a lot of different trainings for various things in my life, but not once did I feel as excited and ready to apply what I learned as I did upon completing this one. It was incredibly comprehensive, and exceeded my expectations.  Sarah and Rain are amazing, inspired facilitators that genuinely love what they do, and love sharing it with others. It shines through their work, and into the hearts of their students. Thank you, ladies, for the time it took to create this training, and your dedication to fostering an intelligent, creative, and supportive aerial community.

Elizabeth Ferretti, South Carolina, USA

The feeling of learning, sharing and belonging was really strong and contributed to make the course a really meaningful experience. The way the sessions were managed totally contributed to that achievement. Looking forward to the next one!!

Eloisa Monteoliva, Scotland, UK

I very much enjoyed learning from two of my favorite aerialists.  Your knowledge base is clear and enthusiasm for teaching is so great to see. The group was very supportive and I enjoyed networking with them and feeling like a part of an aerial community.

Julie Seen, Tennessee, USA

Rain is an amazing resource for any aerial teacher at any level of their career.  Her lessons teach safe and effective techniques for building progressive curriculum.  She is also a wonderful human and I loved spending the week with her!  Thank you!

Erin Garber-Pearson, Ohio, USA

This is an amazing program run by the incredible Paper Dolls! I highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to be an aerial arts teacher or even a professional performer.  You will be left inspired.

Tara-lee MacArthur, Townsville, AUS

I thoroughly enjoyed the Paper Doll Militia teacher training course.  The value it’s given me will change me forever and has given me many tools in my toolbox how to approach teaching students using teaching methods.  I also enjoyed sharing ideas and the practical training with aerialist who are just as passionate about aerial, learning and teaching as me.  Thank you so much Sarah your knowledge and mastery of this beautiful art is breathtaking and I can only aspire to reach this level one day.

Carlie Thompson, England, UK