Portland, Maine
Paper Doll Militia was invited to present a performance installation for The Sacred and The Profane Festival in 2007 and 2008. In collaboration with the Saw Orchestra, the PDM has created two site-specific performance pieces for the festival.

About The Sacred and The Profane Festival:
True to its name, this event is both mischievous and enlightening as some of Portland’s most innovative artists exhibit their work in the powerfully somber halls of The Battery Steele. The S&P features site-specific installations by visual artists and performances by dancers, singers, and musicians. Liberated from the rituals of traditional exhibition spaces, artworks are presented anonymously and artists often collaborate to make unconventional pieces that directly respond to the tone and architecture of the bunker. The Sacred and Profane has become one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year and after ten years continues to remain fresh and exciting, boldly advancing the edge of contemporary art in Maine.

– Quoted from SPACE- an alternative arts venue in Portland, ME