Silks & Sling Retreat in Puerto Escondido,  Mexico

Instructor Rain Aya

Level:  Intermediate / Advanced

November 26-December 3. 2023

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Aerial Silks & Sling retreat is for aerial students at the intermediate to advanced level of aerial silks training. Daily classes feature a balanced blend of technique, theory, and creativity. At the end of this epic week of training, you will return home with new, unique sequences along with a deeper understanding of the aerial concepts and theory within the movement. Rain’s love for creative expression is infused throughout the classes, with theatrical exercises for us to connect with our artistry and develop new ways of being in the air. We will also spend the time and attention needed to clean up pathways and biomechanics, leaving you feeling more confident in your ability to move with efficiency, control, and flow. Ignite your inventive side, with exercises designed to help you create your own choreographic creations. This retreat incorporates review time each day, so that you’ll be able to fully integrate the concepts learned. With plenty of time to rest and reset by eating amazing, healthy food, swimming in the warm ocean, reading in hammocks, and breathing the tropical air.

Morning classes will focus on learning new material, aerial theory, and sequencing.

Afternoon classes will focus on Vertical Theatre Method, Paper Doll Militia’s unique approach to Theatrical Aerial Arts. This includes exercises around performative concepts, musicality, choreography building, creativity skills, and ensemble work. We will also have sessions in handstands, flexibility and injury prevention.

Int/Adv Level WELCOME!

Aerial silks students at the intermediate to advanced level are welcome on this Aerial Silks Retreat. Minimum 2 years of consistent training is required. Students should have a strong understanding of the basic wraps and climbs, and a desire to understand sequencing and the nuances of skills in a deeper way. We hope you also have the desire to move, play, breathe, feel, stretch, and express. This is where you are invited to shine and be yourself!


Each student should arrive with a clear understanding of and be able to execute all of the following:

Climbs – Russian and French Straddle invert (doesn’t have to be perfect)
Catchers lock
Figure 8 foot wrap
Aerial dance wrap
Cross back straddle
Hip key
Leg lock (also known as thigh hitch or torniquete)
Basic star drops (rolling to the side) and saltos (rolling to the front)
Endurance to stay in the air for up to 3 minutes at a time
Multiple and consistent air inverts (without cheating) and windmill hip keys.