Jo Turbitt

The audience enter into a mystical atmosphere tinted with exciting possibilities, poised dangerously on the edge of something exciting… we are not disappointed.

Stunning visuals with echoes of Tim Burton both in the set and character/ costume design immediately set the show up to be a story which toys with the strange and powerful influence of the imagination on childhood and subsequently adulthood. A fantastic use of perspectives, carry us on a visual journey using aerial skills, shadow puppetry and object theatre to support the narrative. It brought joy to my heart to watch an aerial act woven in almost seamlessly to a story – at last!

A two-hander, the pair of performers tumble through, over and behind their set which is an aerial-acrobatic realm of possibility: they literally use each other to climb and escalate through their playground of infinite opportunities. Fortunately the visuals and story gel quite well so that neither looks displaced against the other. There are echoes of Alice in Wonderland, but only occasionally. This is a fantastic show; humourus, witty, clever, enchanting and captivating.