Aerial Consulting for Theatre and Film

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Learning aerials really allowed me to use my body in ways that added grace and strength to my presence onstage

Cameron Jackson (Grade 11)

As an actor, you are often told to take risks, and learning aerials was a huge risk to take; …[we] conquered the challenges that came along with Midsummer, and we owe it all to Ms. Rain Anya and The Paper Doll Militia.

A’keyah Williams (Grade 10)

Never in my life did i think that i could do something like that on stage in front of a huge crowd along with all kinds of lines and blocking and i was surprised at how wrong i was. You made its so incredibly easy and fun to the point where it would be something I would want to pursue on my own well after the show is over.

Nick Galarza (Grade 11)

I thought that aerials were going to be impossible to learn but my instructor made it so easy and guided me through each trick step by step in a simple way that made learning aerials easy, fun and unforgettable.

Jaliz Lopez (Grade 12)