Hannah Tuxbury, Oceanside, CA, USA

Since I have “seen” you last virtually, which I believe was your first online teacher training- I have made leaps towards my aerial career!

After completing teacher training with you, I had the confidence to apply to studios nearby and moved up rather quickly in my position. I started off as a coach at VITAL in socal, and within a few months I was promoted to director and lead instructor. I am also the competition coach at my local YMCA where I teach kids 4 and up!

I am comfortable teaching all levels and ages. I advocate for all body types to feel comfortable as my curriculum is designed to be accessible as possible. My goal as a teacher is always to keep bodies safe, while my students still remained challenged.

I feel that my training with paper doll militia gave me the confidence I needed to better prepare me for teaching and ultimately running my very own program.

I hope to one day open my own studio! Thank you Rain for instilling more than just important cues within me. Paper doll militia opened so many doors for me and I know there’s plenty more to come!