Remote Teacher Training Course

Introducing Paper Doll Militia’s 40 hour Remote Teacher Training Course, a comprehensive and fully interactive training that you can do at home or in a private access studio.  We are fully committed to upholding the quality and integrity of our in-person training, and have designed a course that integrates online educational materials, physical instruction & group practice. This is not a ‘work by yourself’ training.  Instead, this is an instructor led training that includes group instruction & feedback and lifetime access to over 130 recorded reference videos and other course materials. 

How it all works

Our remote training utilizes 2 online platforms, Thinkific and Zoom. All of your videos and course materials are presented in a user friendly format, making it an easy and low stress format for everyone, including the technologically challenged. All of our live classes will take place on Zoom, and we provide clear and in-depth instructions for how to participate before the course begins. All participants will be physically working through the skills and practice teaching sessions as a part of the live classes. 


The pre-requisites and audition skills required for this course are the same as the in-person trainings, and can be found in the side menu to the left on this website. 

Important: At this point in time we are only able to offer this training to those who have SAFE access to aerial rigging.  You will be required to provide detailed information about your aerial set up, so that we can ensure the safety of all our participants. This not only means safe rigging and mats, but also safe social distancing and disinfecting protocols in the case of any shared spaces.

Upon registration, you will be required to provide the following:

  1. Audition video with pre-requisite skills for the course*
  2. Work Space Videos (up to 3 videos) 

More information about these videos can be found on the Pre-registration info pack below

Remote Teacher Training at a Glance: 

Level 1 Silks Teacher Training

With instructors Rain Anya (U.S. Training) & Sarah Bebe Holmes (U.K. Training)

Dates (Beta): 30 hours / 6 day training 

Saturday & Sundays

June 13 & 14, 2020

June 20 & 21, 2020 

June 27 & 28, 2020

Times / Time Zones: 

U.S. Training – 10am – 3:30pm Pacific Standard Time  (Lunch Break – 12:30 – 1pm)

U.K. Training – 10am – 3:30pm Greenwich Mean Time  (Lunch Break – 12:30 – 1pm)

**Please convert these times to your location if you live outside these regions

Registration Opens May 20th, 2020

Limited spots available, only 12 participants per training (U.S. / UK training – total 24) 

Cost: $870 / £700

One Time Only Beta Course*: $695 / £565

*Since this is a new course, we are offering the first session in Beta. This means the course is discounted, and if you register for the course you will be required to submit feedback to us, in order to help us to improve the program in the future. This is a one time offer, and the next time we offer the course it will be at the full, undiscounted price. 

Hardship scholarships: 50% price reduction, limit of 2 slots per training (US / UK training – total 4)

Please Read the Pre-Registration Info Pack before registering. 



We have limited spots available for our 50% hardship scholarship.

To apply please fill out our Financial Assistance Form

To find out more information about what’s included in our Teacher Training Course, visit our OVERVIEW PAGE

Paper Doll Militia are recognized by American Circus Educators Association and is part of the Circus Arts Safety Network! ACE recognized that our Teacher Training program is committed to facilitating a safe environment and curriculum.

“To establish specific guidelines that will help promote, encourage and foster better safety and risk management practices as related to circus arts by creating a system that recognizes circus spaces that demonstrate a continued commitment to better safety practices as based on ACE’s guidelines.”