Crossroads is an ensemble aerial theatre short that explores the characters’ as they are caught in a “crossroads” in their lives. Incorporating the beauty and skill of five aerial silks artists and one stilt walker combined with innovative and theatrical storytelling, Crossroads is a balanced blend of mystery, grace, and emotional imagery.


Homeostasis is an installation & performance piece that integrates the evocative visual design of Shibari with a contemporary approach to aerial arts. Lead artist Rain Anya and Collaborating Artist Kemo Burns (Shibari Artist) , have utilized Japanese rope tying techniques to create a large-scale visual interpretation of the human nervous system, constructed entirely with rope. This tree-like nervous system is an elaborate support structure for the aerial performers. In this way, the hybrid piece acts both as a stand-alone sculptural installation, and then becomes alive with movement as it morphs into the performance landscape.


A physical theatre aerial piece that utilizes mask work.  Duality explores the energy of opposites.  Once you peer behind the veil to the Dance of Duality you will see the two oppositional forces pulling and tugging at each other, creating a tension that creates a perfect equilibrium.

Original Apparatus design by Circus Gear

Concept, Choreography & Original music by Rain Anya


A film made during the coronavirus pandemic shelter-in-place by Rain Anya. circa 2020.

Duo Hammock

Both dynamic and sultry, this Aerial Hammock act will magnetize you into the spiraling wold of performers Rain Anya and Lena Alani.


Suspended on two spinning loops of steel chain, The Paper Doll Militia move with precise synchronization and impressive partner work, hanging from each others’ limbs from their inventive apparatus.


A stunning aerial theatre short where world class aerial acrobatics merge with vivid theatricality to create a whimsical, dark and dynamic performance.


The concept for Ashes juxtaposes the seeming weightlessness of aerial and the tangible weight of the polpe [pole+rope], a rope weighted with a 25-pound sack. The polpe, a Paper Doll Militia original apparatus, provides both stability and the unpredictability of free-flying weight. This element makes precision of choreography and movement imperative and imbues an underlying feeling of chaos.

Their Secret Steps

This visually stunning aerial act depicts the intense physical journey of two women on a floating ladder, suspended 15 feet in the air. Enter into our dream-like world where captivating aerial acrobatics blend seamlessly with emotional choreography that is timeless…both vintage and modern. With seemingly impossible physical feats, Their Secret Steps will delight and surprise any audience.


Inspired by breath or lack thereof, “Seretide” is the name of an asthma medication. The Multi-Cordes attachment to the ribs is a call back to that. Original apparatus designed with 12 strings for the 12 ribs that wrap the lungs.


Paper Doll Militia offers a truly unique performance using the rare specialty apparatus of Aerial Chain. Both industrial and supple, the aerialist dances with ease on the steel chains as if they were silk.

Solo Silks

This is a refined and powerful performance, mixing the grace of aerial dance with the excitement of dynamic twists and falls. The audience will be entranced by punctuated rhythm and unique theatricality of this silks performer. Witness this classic aerial art performed with stylistic flare, this is a Paper Doll specialty.