Slacking Off


“Slag Drag” theory is a termed coined by Rain Anya and Sarah Bebe Holmes of Paper Doll Militia. We realized that there are countless ways that you can “drag” the “slack” of a piece of fabric or rope to create new and interesting ways into your standard wraps. In this workshop, every sequence taught will have some element of slack dragging, so that by the time you leave you will be thinking in circles and loops.

Belay For Days


The endless possibilities of Belay…come join us for a look into the background and theory of the different belays. How do they relate to one another, what are the differences between them? We will explore fun and dynamic entrances and exits to multiple belay types, and also explore unique choreography IN the belay itself.

Befriend your back dive


Take your Back Dive to the next level with this fully comprehensive approach to technique, theory, and choreography. In this workshop, we’ll work with a variety of Back Dives, and learn specific techniques for increasing power and flow. We’ll add in fun transitions as we enter and exit our Back Dives for some choreographic flare. 

Rope Escapades


This workshop focuses on the expanding on the fundamental building blocks of aerial rope. We will delve into quintessential skills like toe climbs, momentum drills, strength conditioning, and sequencing.

Silks Shenanigans


For the aerial silks students wishing to expand their skills repertoire. This workshop will feed you new and exciting climbs, wraps, and drops; or aerial candy.

Split Tissu Crusade


In this workshop we will be exploring the exciting world of split tissus. All climbs, wraps drops, and sequences presented in this class will come from split tissu, but this is not your run of the mill “double crochet” material. This class is fast paced and will cover a broad range of material. Bring something to
document material with.

Pre-reqs: *All participants should understand basic double crochet material and have a solid double knee climb.

Vertical Theatre Method

Multi-Apparatus (or preferred apparatus)

The Vertical Theatre Method is an investigation of aerial arts with the focal point of theatricality and authenticity of both movement and content. The Method has been in development since 2007 by artists Rain Anya and Sarah Bebe Holmes. This workshop is a performative based workshop exploring the expressive nature of aerials using improvisation, physical theatre, musicality, character, and exercises in stage presence. Layering your aerial work with creativity and content, we will work with with techniques for expressing human emotion and storytelling within the movement. Looking at creative approaches to building an act or performance piece, this workshop is for students who feel comfortable on an apparatus enough that they can explore beyond the tricks.

Breaking Through the Cirlce


This workshop focuses on how we can expand our ideas of what’s possible on a Lyra. Utilizing asymmetrical choreography and momentum work, we will collaboratively find new pathways and approaches Lyra, that breaks through the classic idea of “pose and spin” style. 

Choreographic Drops


In this intermediate / advanced workshop, you’ll learn inventive drops that also highlight the choreography of wrapping into the drop itself. Take your fabric drops to a whole new level of artistry. We’ll be working up to the drops through progressions, walk downs, and understanding of the wraps, so that all
participants can approach the material with safely and confidence.

Prerequisites: Comfort with inversions (without cheating!) in the air multiple times, knowledge of basic aerial drops, and the strength to be in the air for 5 minutes at a time

Sling Shot

Sling (Hammock)

In this intermediate workshop we will focus on three major components of mastering the art of slinging…momentum work, creative transitions, and of course, spinning. Come get some new inspiration on what this limitless apparatus as to offer. Leave with new sequences, drills, and fresh ideas on how to take your sling work to the next level.

Never-ending String


An exciting look at longer sequences where we explore limitless choreographic options that all stem from one origin wrap. Through this discovery process you will learn advanced fabric theory techniques and find unique body shapes as you follow the never-ending string.

Sneaky Feet


Warm up those ankles and toes for this workshop where we focus on all kinds of creative uses for our feet! These sequences, skills, wraps, and hitches will have you marveling at how much is possible with a little bit of fabric theory and foot articulation. Shock and confuse your audience with the art of misdirection, leaving them begging for more of that fancy footwork.

Beyond the Wheeldown


This is an optional Part 2 to Wonderful World of Wheel downs where we dig deeper into sequences that can come before or after a wheeldown or skip the wheeldown all together and just use the S-wrap. It’s all about theory and sequencing.

Rope Flow


This intermediate / advanced workshop focuses on material that lends itself to seamless transitions and “rope flow”. As we explore non-traditional ways in and out of familiar wraps, the choreographic nature of rope will become more and more accessible. You’ll be able to take some fun transitions with you from the workshop, and also leave with a better sense of how to discover and create your own innovative pathways on rope.

Your Aerial Voice

Multi-Apparatus (Apparatus of choice)

In part 1 we will be working with creative sequencing and focus on guiding you through the process of discovering your own pathways and innovative choreography. In Part 2 of this workshop, we work on finessing, stylizing, and musicality. The workshop will end with an in-class performance with your peers. This workshop can be tailored to any aerial apparatus.

Trapeze For People Who Love Silks


A weavy, turny, choreographic approach to trapeze, emphasizing work in the ropes. An excellent workshop for those versed in trapeze or people who are intermediate level on silks and have steered clear of the bar, but are now curious!

Swish, Sway, Swoop

Rope and/or Silks

This workshop will utilize both silks and rope, using momentum as a foundation for adding dynamic movement into your skill set. This workshop covers a broad range of dynamic techniques which will help you salt and pepper fanciful flair into your movement vocabulary. We will move away from static poses and into a world where circles and levers rule.

Radical rotation


In this workshop we will look into the directionality of tricks on aerial silks. We will be taking a forward rolling drop and turn it into a backward rolling drop and vise versa. This is be digging into fabric theory to understand how wraps form the direction of movement. Great for getting new fun material and
building up a better understanding of aerial silks.

The Wonderful World Of Wheeldowns


Wheeldowns, Helicopter, Windmills, whatever you name it, this skill harnesses some of the quintessential body mechanics in aerial arts. Learning how to control all the elements of a sideways rotation, and make it look gorgeous is a skill every aerialist should have in their tool bag. In this workshop we focus on the technique and muscular engagement of the skill, in addition to playing with speed, wrapping theory, and choreographic ways in and out of your

Intro to Momentum

Rope and/or Silks

With attention on beats, swings, swivels and drops you will feel momentum as well as theoretically break it down to understand how it works. Learn to use momentum to your advantage in order to spiral and dive effortlessly up and down the equipment.

***Students for Vertical Momentum should be comfortable hanging from straight arms with very engaged shoulders. If you have shoulder issues, contact us ahead of time to see if this workshop is for you.

Contemporary Fabric Approach

Multi-Apparatus / Duo and Ensemble

Come with a partner or on your own, ready to work with new people. These workshops focus on artistic creation and expression in the collaborative process with aerial silks. We will be exploring partner movement, concept work, and visual imagery with the silks on the ground and in the air.

Dynamics of Duo

Duo Silks

Come with a partner or on your own, ready to work with new people. These workshops focus on artistic creation and expression in the collaborative process. We will explore duo vocabulary on aerial silk, with specific work on creative basing positions as well as possibilities with tension and transitions.

Spiral up / Drip Down


A fun and intricate silks workshop featuring material that lends itself to spirals and fluid, curvey movement, we will also be exploring the body techniques involved in executing this style. Learn how to free up your spine, curve into the silks, and connect one movement to the next in a flowing style that will
transform your relationship to the silks.

Flex This!


Whether you’re an aerialist, an acro-yogi, dancer, or just a movement enthusiast, this class will provide a different way of strengthening and stretching. The exercise target functional strength as it relates to circus arts. We will bring you through a series of stretches on your own, with props and with partners.  We will work with care, isolating muscle range needed for healthy movement and extension, using muscular resistance to train your muscles to gain strength with length.

*This workshop can be taught as a full body focus or divided into two workshops focusing on different segments of the body: Part 1 Splits & Straddles and Part 2 Shoulders & Back.

Teasing your brain with Fabric and Chain


This workshop navigates the differences and innate qualities in each of these vertical apparatus- choreography does not always directly translate. Working with innovative sequencing on fabric and how weight and tension effect similar wraps on chains, this workshop will challenge your mind and your pain

*Prerequisite: Participants must have a strong comfort level on fabric, no chain experience necessary.
**Chain has a tendency to put small holes in clothes- consider carefully if you want to wear your new Lulu Lemon shirt. 🙂

Dance it up!

Multi-Apparatus (apparatus of choice)

This intermediate+ workshop is structured similarly to a dance class: we all learn the same “combination,” set to music, with precise choreographic flair! Learning others’ choreography helps to build a strong repertoire and have a variety of movement options within your toolbox. You will come out of this workshop having new material and performative tips for giving it some style.