Certificate Holders

Paper Doll Militia Certificate Holders

Level 1 Trapeze

Jayne DeanWest Hartford, Connecticut, USA valid until May 23, 2025

As we are transitioning from our Certificate being delivered from Born to Fly to Paper Doll Militia, we will be accommodating people who have participated in both programs or whose aerial journey straddles this transition. If you have a Born to Fly Certificate, it will be honored as a part of our new system. We will work closely with you to ensure your certification process is seamless and supports your own learning.

Paper Doll Militia Teacher Training Graduates

who have a Born To Fly Certificate

Level 1 Silks

Jen RyanSeattle Washington, USAvalid until 8/31/22
Nicole McCauleyMissoula, Montana, USAvalid until 8/31/22
Cher AlbrechtCanberra ACT, Australiavalid until 8/31/22
Lynda BarksbyDerbyshire, UKvalid until 8/31/26
Melissa SubramaniCape Girardeau, Missouri, USAvalid until 8/31/23
Ioanna-Idyli Betsi-ArgyropoulouAthens, Greecevalid until 8/31/24
Lyndsey BowenJoplin, Missouri, USAvalid until 8/31/25
Karynn SucalditoReno, Nevada, USAvalid until 8/31/24
Abby DavisGuelph, Ontario, Canadavalid until 8/31/24
Sam Copusvalid until 8/21/23

Level 1 Silks & Rope Combo

Cathy OggUnited Kingdomvalid until 8/31/22
Christy SanfordHalifax, NS, Canadavalid until 8/31/25

Level 2 Silks

Lyndsey BowenJoplin, Missouri, USAvalid until 8/31/25

Level 1 Lyra

Brandy SchmidtMinneapolis, Minnesotavalid thru 8/31/22
Eva SpeerMunchen, Germanyvalid thru 08/31/22

Level 1 Trapeze

Melinda HeldCape Girardeau, Missouri, USAvalid until 8/31/22
Eva SpeerMunich, Germanyvalid until 8/31/22
Lynda BarksbyChesterfield, Englandvalid until 8/31/26
Christy SanfordHalifax, NS, Canadavalid until 8/31/32