Your Aerial Instruction Certificate

For a comprehensive breakdown on our Certificate Program


To register for our Certificate Track fill out our *REGISTRATION FORM

*Only for graduates of our Paper Doll Militia Teacher Training Courses

Choose between our Teacher Training Course as a stand-alone option OR choose the FULL CERTIFICATE track. You will be given both options during the registration process. If you complete one of our courses and decide to add the Certificate track later, you can enroll in the program a-la-carte any time within a year of completing the course. 

This comprehensive certificate program is designed to elevate the standard of teaching practices in our industry. Trainees are required to log observation and assistant teaching hours and pass an assessment to show that they are applying the concepts learned in the live training. 

It’s important to note that at this time, there is no official regulating  body in the aerial arts / circus industry in the U.S. or in the UK (where Paper Doll Militia is based). So there are smaller organizations who are tackling the large job of creating and organizing standards. Paper Doll Militia’s certificate program is often recognized by both studio owners and their insurance companies as it shows ongoing commitment and accountability to safe and quality aerial instruction. 


Certificate Program if purchased with Teacher Training = $300

Certificate Program if purchased later (a la carte) = $400

Full Certificates are Awarded Per Level / Per Apparatus

Certificate Requirements (75 hours)

  1. 50 hours – Successful completion of Paper Doll Militia Teacher Training with skills assessment
  2. 10 hours – Aerial Class Observation 
  3. 10 hours -Teaching Practice (minimum 4 lead teaching hours)  
  4. 2 hours -Teaching Assessment of Full Class (Lead Teaching)* – 2 (60 min) classes
  5. 3 hours – Written reflections and evaluations

*Participants will receive feedback on their first Full Class, and will be asked to apply the feedback on the second full class (lead teaching). 

200 Hour Certification

Once you have completed both Level 1 (75 hours)  & Level 2 (75 hours)  of any ONE apparatus, you will be eligible to continue on to our 200 Hour Certificate Program. The final 50 hours are focused on individualized specialties and areas of focus.  You will work with your PDM mentor in order to customize the final module of this certificate program. Focus areas could include (but are not limited to) integration of creative movement, dance, or theatre; specialization in a unique skill set, advanced spotting techniques or line pulling, mentorship in professional development.  

As we are transitioning from our Certificate being delivered from Born to Fly to Paper Doll Militia, we will be accommodating people who have participated in both programs or whose aerial journey straddles this transition. If you have a Born to Fly Certificate, it will be honored as a part of our new system.We will work closely with you to ensure your certification process is seamless and supports your own learning.

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