I can’t find a registration link! How do I register?

Enrollment opens 2 months before the training begins. Check for the registration link on the SCHEDULE PAGE Or the REGISTRATION PAGE of the website. If you don’t see one, it most likely means enrollment has not started for that course. You should see the registration open date listed. 

Is there a closing date for registration?

Nope, you can register up until the first day of the course!

What’s the Difference between the Teacher Training course and the Certificate Program?

The Teacher Training Course is an educational course. Once you complete the 50 Hour Teacher Training you will receive a letter of completion. This is not a certificate. It shows that you have completed a course of study, but does not confirm that your teaching ability has fully assessed. 

Signing up for our Teacher Training course does not automatically enroll you in the Certificate program.  If you are interested in taking the Certificate Course then you must complete the Teacher Training course without any skill advisories. The Certificate Program includes additional practicum hours such as shadowing, assistant teaching, and a full teaching assessment. 

What is a skill advisory?

A skill advisory is for students who have completed the course, but have been advised to spend more time developing their strength and technique in the execution of the Skills curriculum covered in the course. These students will still receive a letter of completion for completing the Teacher Training, but will not be permitted to join the Certificate Program. Participants will be offered an additional review period of 3 months to apply their final notes and complete an additional skills review for designated skills. There is a review fee of $50.

For more info on the full certificate, click HERE.

What if I can’t attend all three of the live sessions?

You must complete the three sessions to have completed the course.  You can make it up in the other time zone or the next time we offer the course.  But you must tell us this in advance so we can plan for it. In very specific circumstances, we may be able to offer other ways to make up the material on a case by case basis. 

Can I take more than one track at a time. For example, can I sign up to take Lyra and Trapeze?

You may take up to two apparatus at a time, but please be mindful that the skills portion of each apparatus will require more time spent doing the video submission process, which also would require more studio access time. You can estimate 6 to 7 more hours per week for EACH additional apparatus for 3 weeks of the course. 

Ex. If you sign up for 2 apparatus the breakdown would be the following: 

15 hours independent study

23 hours Video Submission Process Apparatus 1

23 hours Video Submission Process Apparatus 2

Zoom Classes – 12 hours

Total – 73 hours over 4 weeks

If I choose to take more than 1 apparatus, what would the price be?

 We offer discounts for choosing 2 apparatus tracks. Please see our pricing page for details

What if I lose studio access because of COVID and can no longer attend?

You can defer your place until our next course or get a refund minus $50 admin fee.

I need to arrange my studio time for the course, and I’m having a little trouble understanding when I will need access throughout the course. 

You will need to arrange studio access for 2 different sections of the course. The Zoom Classes, which are set at a specific time, and the Video Submission Process, which can be done on a flexible schedule within our time window. 

The schedule for the Zoom classes can be found on the Schedule Page for each training. The Video submission process will happen during the final 3 weeks of the course. Each week you should secure approximately 7 -8hours of studio time per week….for a total of 23 hours within a three week period. 

Will we be using the aerial equipment for the entire time that we’re meeting on zoom?

For Level 1 Trainings

For the most part, we do require people to have access to the studio for the zoom calls. But there are 2 exceptions to this. 

1) On Day 1, you can attend without studio access if you have access to a pull up bar

2) You don’t need access to aerial equipment for ALL 4 hours of the zoom class, as some of the class is spent doing floor warm up / cool down, and discussions. However, there is not time built into the schedule to transition to an entirely new location. ie. There is time to change rooms, but not get in a car and drive somewhere else.                       

Do I need a Safety Person for the entire time during the zoom classes?

We feel strongly that if you are in the air, anything can happen. A fall from just a few feet doing something simple can be dangerous. We would not want you to be alone and not be able to get help. As we are not there in person with you, anytime you are in the air, you will need to have a safety person with you. It can be anyone as long as she can physically see you and dial a phone for help in case of an emergency.

Your safety person would need to be present during any of the Zoom Class times where we are using the aerial apparatus. (See above schedule)

FOR Level 1 Trainings only – There is one exception, for Zoom class 1 – no safety person is needed.

Can I sign up with a friend and share tuition and access to the course?

No, each student will need to sign up and pay individually, as our course is built on a system of individualized feedback and assessment. We do offer group discounts for 4 or more participants who sign up together. 

How much height do I need to be able to participate in the course?
Minimum height required:
Level 1 Silks – 10 ft / 3 meters
Level 1 Rope – 15ft / 4.5 
Level 1 Trapeze – Variable* 
Level 1 Lyra – 12ft / 3.5 meters
Level 2 Silks – 13 ft / 4 meters

* Minimum height for Level 1 Trapeze will depend on the length of your ropes. We have a method we use for shortening trapeze ropes, using a prusik knot. In this case the minimum height would be 12ft / 3.5 meters. This is safe for any trapeze without a steel or amstel core. If you have a trapeze with a core, and need to shorten your ropes for this program, please reach out to the manufacturer.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

You will have access to narrated tutorial videos for the duration of the course, and for up to 2 weeks after the course ends. At that point you will be transferred over to our Alumni portal where you will have lifelong access to all the reference videos (for each skill covered) and all of the independent study material and additional resources in the course. 

How are we practicing physical spotting during the course?

You will submit your spotting practice in the same manner as all the other skills, through our video submission process. You will need to find a partner to work with who is at least a beginner level aerialist. They should not be a complete beginner, and we encourage finding an intermediate level aerialist if possible. 

I’m interested in attending a Teacher Training Course, but my goal is not to become an instructor, is that ok?

Absolutely! Many of our participants choose to take our course as a way to dive deeper into the technique and understanding of the artform.

Am I too old to take a teacher training? Is there a weight limit for your courses? 

For all of our programs we have a variety of pre-requisites depending on the course that you take. All prerequisites are skill-based. We do not have weight, fitness, or age limits for adults (ages 16+)