Scholarship Opportunity – Artful Leaders

Our company aims to advocate for access, inclusion, and the empowered agency of diverse  voices. Paper Doll Militia’s commitment to equity and justice is rooted in a holistic vision of cultural pluralism that values diversity of place, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, physical/mental/sensory dis/ability, class, national origin, religion, size, or age.  

We are creating this scholarship opportunity to address systemic inequities and barriers to circus education.  We believe that increasing accessibility and encouraging inclusion within leadership roles will add to the richness of the circus industry as a whole.  It’s our goal to make sure the richness of this art form is not lost through the institutionalization of circus by making it more accessible to anyone who wants to “run away and join the circus.”

All are welcome to apply. This scholarship will be awarded to those who are experiencing barriers to their circus education and who are committed to the craft of safe and quality aerial arts instruction. BBIPOC & LGBTQIA+ are encouraged to apply. In offering this scholarship, we invite the recipients, and all participants, to feel welcome in questioning us at any point within the training. We value our community’s opinion on how we are doing in our goals to create a safe and inclusive space. 

Even if your involvement in the course is only dependent on your acceptance to the ARTFUL LEADERS Scholarship please fill in the registration form BEFORE applying for the Scholarship. You must first be accepted into the program before we review your application. After you have been accepted into the program you can submit your application

Artful Leaders Applications for each course open when registration opens. The Scholarship cycle closes 1 month before the course starts. Awardees will be notified within a week of the deadline.

Applications are now closed.

They will reopen along with the next application cycle.

Check the SCHEDULE PAGE for upcoming trainings.