Fragile or Fierce – The Great Slow Down

Being an aerialist, dreamer, achiever, small business owner, artist, and generally an extremely active individual has made me intimately acquainted with the concept of DOING […]

by : Sarah Bebe Holmes


Are you afraid to be a mother for fear of losing what you love? Aerial arts or motherhood. Do I have to choose? I envy […]

by : Sarah Bebe Holmes

Reflections from an Artist Residency

Developing the Aerial Nervous System I can’t wait to dive in and tell you all about the juicy discoveries we made in our recent creation […]

by : Rain Anya

To Rosin or not to Rosin?

This is a hot topic! We get these types of questions all the time, from the perspective of aerialists, instructors, and studio owners. “Should I […]

by : Paper Doll Militia

The Art of Adaptability

How life as a freelancer prepared me for the pandemic I’ve been a freelancer, self-employed artist and small business owner for my entire adult life. […]

by : Rain Anya

A Changing Body

How aging affects our aerial practice Every day we are one day older. As an aerialist, you’ll probably be pretty body aware and notice small […]

by : Sarah Bebe Holmes